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Everything you need to know for a smooth enablement of Operata.

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Here's everything you need for the Onboarding Session with Operata.

If you have not already provided it, we will also need you to confirm the following

  • Amazon Connect agents - both the Amazon Connect CCP url and the Softphone url used by agents (if its different).

  • Nice CXone - your Tenant ID.

  • Genesys Cloud CX - have installed the Operata AppFoundry App.

Its as simple as that..

So there are no surprises for your agents, here's a link to a user guide for them on how to use the Agent Messenger widget to report issues and what to do when Operata finds something they need to know.

The detail..

For those who need it, here's a little more information on the Operata Collector for Chrome.

Data collected by Operata.

The good news is that Operata collects performance metadata, only the Agents name and their IP address could be considered Personally Identifiable (PII).

Network connectivity.

For network readiness, the URLs and ports that need to be allowed for Operata to collect data are on our URL whitelist.

As data is securely passed to Operata using HTTPS, normally no changes are required but we suggest checking with IT.

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