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A guide for Agents on how to use and move the Operata Agent Messenger widget.

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What is Agent Messenger?

Agent Messenger is a widget that you can use to report voice quality or other softphone issues while on, or after a call.

Agent Messenger will also let you know if there are things you may be able to resolve yourself.

Moving the widget

When the widget is in a closed state the tab can be dragged up and down.

When its open you can move it to the left or right of your browser window.

Reporting issues

Using the widget to report issues, this will really help the IT teams fix problems.

  • Start by clicking on the widget and selecting REPORT

  • Now, click on Category and select the option that most closely describes your issue:

  • Next, click on How bad was it? to capture the scale of the problem:

  • You have the option to add Comments with any details you think may help find and fix the issue.

  • Finally select Report issue - and then the X (top right-hand corner to minimize the widget.

Notifying you of an issue

Agent Messenger widget will display a red pulsing icon if something is detected that could cause problems with voice quality, how your softphone works or even how customers are handled.

Opening the widget will explain what was detected, select View Details for information on how to resolve the issues, or even scroll down to Report an issue.

Poor Network Performance

Why does this matter?

Poor performing networks cause voice quality issues and softphone problems

You may be able improve network performance by moving location (WiFi networks) or reducing use by others on the same network.

High CPU

Why does this matter?

Voice quality and softphone features will have issues if the CPU levels are high

You may be able to reduce CPU usage by closing down unused applications on your PC.

Headset permissions blocking audio

Why does this matter?

Softphone access to the Headset is needed, if not you will get Missed Calls.

Check the Browser configuration allows Headset access and report to IT if the issue persists.

Headset notification

Why does this matter?

Using a headset provides a better experience for both you and your customer

If you use internal microphone rather than a Headset, at the end of the call you will be prompted to plug-in your headset or switch to a headset in system settings.

The prompt may include a Switch Devices button giving you a dropdown to change your Microphone and Speaker device settings.

Call ended on Hold

Why does this matter?

Callers may give up if placed on extended hold and you may need to call them back.

If you or the caller or you end the call while it has been on extended hold (more than 30 seconds) then you will be prompted.

Inbound call ended after a network issue

Why does this matter?

A network issue may have caused the inbound call to end and you may need to call them back.

If you or the caller ends the inbound call shortly after a network issue is detected then you will be prompted with the option of logging the issue.

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