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Playbook 7 - Agent Reported Issue Investigation
Playbook 7 - Agent Reported Issue Investigation

Playbook 7 centres on Agent Reported Issues and their likely technical cause.

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What's it for?

Agent Reported Issues are a great indicator of how well the service is performing, and the detail agents provide often brings clarity to specific issues that need focus.

Playbook 7 is an easy way to understand the trend of reported issues, the likely cause of individual issues and hence patterns impacting many.

How to use it?

There are two tabs at the top of the Playbook

  • Agent Reported Issues - Use this to see only details of calls with reported issues.

  • All Calls - Use this to see only details of call calls.

Quick tip: Use the Contact ID, Agent and Queue filter to find the details you need - don't forget to APPLY FILTER at the bottom of the Filters section.

Agent Reported issues tab..

Selecting a contact_id from the Agent Reported Issued list, filters the entire dashboard.

Quick tip: Select a call that has a 'Call Length' to display network, PC performance and audio energy level details

As an example..

The third issue in the list, is for Agent Andy who has logged a Poor Sound Quality issue.

Interestingly, there is flag against the #Input Change column (his headset changed during the call)

Selecting the contact_id filters the dashboard against the call in question and shows the Call, Network, Equipment, Errors, Logs, headset and Browser details.

For this call we can see the Headset changed to the PC microphone during the call, which is most likely the root-cause of the Poor Sound Quality issue.

Focus can now be given on the cause of this change - technical resolution or agent training.

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