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The Canvas visualisation tool makes sense of the data.

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The Canvas tool lets you create the views of data and insights that you want to see.

As a starting point we have created a number of dashboards, aligned to a specific job to be done, we call these Playbooks.

Basic Navigation

Select Operata Canvas from the main menu and you will launch Playbook 1

Selecting Dashboards

Select Dashboards from the main menu and you will see the list of Dashboards you have access to, simply highlight and select to launch the one you want.

Time Range

Most dashboards can be Filtered by selecting the filter icon to expand.

Use the Time Range to select the time period of the data displayed and then select APPLY FILTERS.

Time Granularity

Select the Time Granularity you want to see data in, then APPLY FILTERS to make the change,

Operata has curated a number of useful dashboards (we call them Playbooks) to get you started - you can copy them as a starting point to create the views you want to see.

Let's start with Playbook 1...

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