Using the Operata API or Orchestrator, requires the generation of an API Token, which is done within the Operata user interface, here's how..

Creating an API token

  • Login as an admin user and navigate to the Settings/Configs section.

  • Select the API section.

  • From here you can create a new API Token by entering a name in the Label* field and then selecting + NEW API TOKEN.

  • Hover over the shading to reveal and click to copy the API Token.

View API tokens

  • Simply hover over the blanked out TOKEN to see the details and click to copy the API Token.

Change API Tokens

  • It is not possible to change an active API Token, simply create a new API Token and update the API/Orchestrator elements using it, before using Revoke to delete the old one.

Revoking API Tokens

  • Select Revoke and then OK at the confirmation step, to remove the API Token.

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