The performance of the Workstation running the Contact Centre softphone is key to both audio quality and the softphone feature performance.

The Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) providers publish the minimum system requirement for the workstations, see the links here:

How does Operata collect details on the available Memory and CPU?

The Operata Chrome extension captures the data needed to understand not only the available memory and CPU, but also use of Memory and CPU during the calls.

Operata uses a Chrome API to gather this data.

How does Operata collect Memory and CPU usage?

Memory and CPU usage data is captured whenever an agent is on a call, using the Chrome Browser API.

Operata takes a snapshot every five-seconds which is used to calculate the Average, Minimum and Maximum usage measures.

What thresholds are used to notify the agent and tag calls with low/very low Memory or CPU capacity levels?

The Operata Settings/Configs section allows you to set these thresholds for each Group, to update just change the value and SAVE.

The two threshold levels apply to both Memory and CPU usage, if either or both beach the limit then the agent will be notified and the calls tagged with Poor Computer Performance insights.

Agent Alert Threshold - Poor Computer Performance (%)

  • Defaults: Low Threshold is more than 80% used for more than 30 seconds.

  • Defaults: Very Low Threshold is more than 90% used for more than 30 seconds.

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