Although Operata collects detail on every second of every call, Operata charges are based only on the time Agents have the call, this is known as Agent interaction and hold time - here's how to get this minute detail.

Operata rounds up each call to the nearest minute, so the figure will not be the same - but gives a good estimate of Operata minute costs.

From your Amazon Connect Management console select Historical Metrics

Then select Agents

Now select the Cog icon on the RHS and then Metrics (make sure the Agent Metrics radio button is selected)

Un-check all the Metrics and add only Agent interaction and hold time, then set the Interval & Tine range, finally select Apply and wait for the results.

Note: You may need to select smaller time periods if the record count exceeds AWS limits

Export the results to csv and use your spreadsheet of choice to calculate the total minutes

Note: Operata rounds up to the nearest minute for each call, so the number may not be exactly the same.

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