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What is Operata Heartbeat?
What is Operata Heartbeat?

Operata Heartbeat runs assurance tests to non-subjectivly measure audio quality and latency.

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Operata Heartbeat provides the capability to measure the actual Customer and Agent experience your end-to-end environment is delivering, capturing details on where there are any issues.

Tests are created that place test calls between a virtual customer and test agents to non-subjectively score audio quality, end-to-end audio latency & network performance at multiple points.

Test agents can either be Virtual or Human:

  • Virtual - An Operata software agent installed within your Amazon Connect region.

  • Human - Any agent automatically becomes a test endpoint when they are next idle, they are moved into a test queue, the test is run (45 seconds), and when complete they are automatically moved back to their production queue.

For each test, Operata measures the audio degradation and audio latency of a reference audio file as it traverses your service, while at the same time collecting performance data for the supporting infrastructure.

The test results are displayed on an Insight dashboard with a scatter graph highlighting where results are lower than expected.

The performance data gathered is collated to create an Operata Quality Score of between 10 (Good) and 1 (Bad).

Heartbeat in more detail

Heartbeat Insights provide results in four distinct areas:

  1. Telephony - Performance Heartbeat test calls, similar to CX but with added data on the performance of the telecoms providers (this data is not shown in the scatter graph).

  2. Agent Experience (AX) - The Audio experience from an Agent's perspective.

  3. Customer Experience (CX) - The Audio experience from a Customer perspective.

  4. Network - Performance of the data network connecting the Cloud Contact centre to the Agent.

Hovering over the Scatter graph markers gives a summary of the test run and result, selecting the marker displays details of that specific test and results. Where there are multiple scores of the same value in any test, only one marker will be shown.

The dials below the scatter graph show the average performance and trend of results for the selected Time Period, Agent Type, or Target Phone Number.

The percentage change is a comparison to the previously selected Time period

eg. If the selected time period is 4h, it is compared to the previous 4h

The colour of the gauge:

  • Green is up %

  • Amber is down less than 10%

  • Red is down more than10%

Selecting any of the dials, displays the tests themselves and reveals a filter to quickly find tests where performance was sub-optimal, we call these indicators Insights.

Selecting any of the tests in the list is a quick way to get to the detail of the test results, use the Logs menu option to see and filter on them all.

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