Creating Tests

To create a test, select Tests from the Heartbeat sub menu and select + NEW TEST.

Follow the wizard to:

  • Select a To Number (the number the Virtual Customer will dial) and add a description.

  • Select a test agent type.

  • Selecting Virtual will make the test call to the Virtual agent hosted in your AWS region.

  • Selecting Human will add a section to add Target Agent(s).

  • Add Target Agent(s) as a comma-separated list of the Agent Usernames (softphone login Usernames), these agents will be moved to/from the test agent state as the test is run, when they are next idle.

  • Then select the frequency you would like the test to be run.

  • Finally, select SAVE and the display will revert to the initial Tests page showing details of all the created tests and when they are next scheduled.

  • The Actions column is used to control the state of scheduled tests.

How can I see the progress of my Heartbeat tests?

The Logs section has details on the progress of tests and it's an easy way of accessing the results of tests that have been completed.

What happens to the target agents?

When the Agent is next available and Idle the Operata will move the agent out of their production queue and the widget will change to Blue.

The Heartbeat test will begin and if the agent selects ALERTS they will be updated with the test status, ending with 'The test on your softphone has been completed' where Operata will put the agent back into their production queue.

Here's how it looks for an Amazon Connect agent

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