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With CX Copilot we can take any Technical, Operational and Experience metric combination, to create rules that prompt agents, pop 'Report an issue', open customer defined url, end the call, or even send the call to a defined queue.

Let us know if there are combinations that would be great for your operation?

AX Copilot notifications.

Here are some combinations we have already created that can be enabled now.

  • Agent microphone Use: detect agents used internal microphones and prompt them to move to a headset for the next call - with an optional toolbar to simplify the change.

  • Call ended on Hold: If the agent or the caller ends the call while it has been on extended hold (more than 30 seconds) then the agent will be prompted

  • Call ended after a network issue: Agent or caller ends the call shortly after a network issue is detected then they are prompted, with the option of logging the issue.

CX Copilot notifications that also use Contact Lens data.

Operata Contact Lens Integration required, contact Operata for more details.

We have created a number of combinations that also use Contact Lens data.

  • Mid-Call Abandons: Poor Audio ‘Attribute’ has been detected in the conversation within 30 seconds of the call being ended by the agent or customer (needs Contact Lens integration)

  • Agent Abuse Events: Agent responses abusive or threatening callers detected and the Agent prompted with for example a link to the abusive caller policy, or a button to automatically transfer the caller.

These are agent notifications we have created, please contact Operata if you have ideas for others.

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