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Logging in

Once your account has been created in Operata you will receive an email address validation email, then once confirmed, a second set-up your password email.

Users in Operata are known as Teammates, welcome aboard!

Forgotten password?

Teammates who have forgotten their password can change it at anytime using the I have forgotten my password option from the main login page.

Operata help bubble

Launch the Operata help bubble to see the health Status of Operata, Send us a message, Search for Help or Let Operata know if you have an issue?

This is also the place we will let you know of any planned maintenance or known service issues.

Click on the Operata logo in the top left hand corner to expand the menu bar.

Click on Operata to minimise for the best views of dashboards and features.



What is the Configs section for?

If you are an Admin level user, you can change the way agents are alerted, set up API keys, configure AWS EventBridge and much more.

Search for Configs in the Help centre for more details.


Here's where you add, edit and delete users (Teammates) within the Group you are logged into.

Select +TEAMMATE to add someone.

Fill in the details, selecting the Role 'Group Admin' (can create other Teammates and has full access) or the Role 'Group User' (can view but not create anything).
Then select SAVE to create the Teammate.

Once the account has been created they receive an email address validation email, then once confirmed, a second set-up your password email.

More details on what the Group Admin and Group User roles can be found here.


The Profile option shows details of your account Name and Email address.


Selecting Support launches the Operata help bubble.

Switch Group

If you are a Teammate in more than one Operata Group, you can toggle between them using the Switch Group function.

Select Switch Group, then use the dropdown to select the Group you want and finally select SWITCH GROUP to make the change.

Operata features

The top of the menu bar gives access to the Operata features available to you, search the feature in the help centre or use the Operata Training centre to find out more.

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