Playbook - Jabra

A set of Operata curated dashboards that use the data sent by Jabra Headsets when all the prerequisites have been met.

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Here's details on the insights Operata brings when collecting Jabra Headset data.

Jabra Usage

This Dashboard shows Jabra adoption across estate, with the ability to select:

  • Jabra Devices

  • Controllers

  • Jabra Devices w/Telemetry

  • Jabra Devices with Advanced Telemetry (Engage 40/50)

Selecting one of these options on the top right will show the agents who don’t have a compatible device or agents who are not using the device for every call.

Customer Experience

The left/top of this page shows agents and how they interact with customers.

The default sorting mechanism is # Calls, however each column can be selected resorting based on that column (am tempted to change default to highest cross talk %).

Jabra data is combined with hold and mute data from Amazon Connect.

The top panel shows this data in a visual form with the option of removing silence and just seeing agent / customer / crosstalk.

The bottom right shows individual calls. If an agents name is selected from the table on the left, this will be filtered to just that agents calls, allowing a manager to see what individual experiences were like (averages can hide poor experiences). The Amazon Connect Contact ID is available allowing the call to be listened to by management.

Background noise

You can see an agents worst background noise as well as the number of calls with average background noises larger than specific thresholds (please feel free to advise on those thresholds).

If an agent is selected, the minimum, average, and maximum background noise for these agents is displayed in the graph underneath.

The three lines at any point represent min, avg, max on a single call.

The colours represent different locations (based on IP address)

OH&S - Audio Exposure

This dashboard is build for compliance with OH&S. It shows the average and maximum levels of audio exposure experienced by each agent and the length of time that the agents have been experiencing those audio levels.

The table is based on average audio exposure (beyond the final column)

If an agent is selected, the minimum, average, and maximum audio exposure over time is displayed in the graph to the right.

OH&S - Shared Headsets

The second Occupational Health and Safety item highlighted is agents who are sharing headsets.

On the left you will see a list of Headset device ID’s that have been used by more than one agent. Selecting one of these device ID’s will filter the inventory on the right hand side

to show you agents who have been sharing the devices & the associated call volumes.

Asset Management

The asset management screens allow you to view your Inventory of Jabra devices by agent, device and firmware version.

Selecting devices/firmwares from the pie graphs will filter to focus on only those devices selected.

The agents with multiple devices (not shown), allows you to highlight agents who have been using more than one Jabra device in the period and behaves identically to the OH&S -> Shared Headsets Dashboard.

Agent Alerts

This playbook shows the notifications given to Agents as Operata detects issues with the configuration or use of their Jabra Headsets.

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