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ServiceNow integration to Operata - Email
ServiceNow integration to Operata - Email

How to automate SNOW ticket creation, when agents report issues using Operata Agent messenger widget.

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Integrating ServiceNow with Operata, to create a ServiceNow issue whenever an Agent uses Operata to report an issue is simple:

  • Operata can be configured to generate an email, whenever an agent reports an issue.

  • ServiceNow can be configured to create an Incident whenever it receives an email from a specified email address..

Operata - sending an Email when Agents report issues

Navigate to Operata Workflow section and select +CREATE WORKFLOW.

Choose the CCaaS Platform option, then NEXT.

At the next page choose Agent Reported Issue.

Then choose the Send Email option.

Now enter the conditions where emails are to be sent and the email address to send to your ServiceNow environment.

Important Note: The exact spelling and capitalisation is needed

Three elements can be configured for an Agent Reported issue workflow, only the Severity is mandatory, leave the Category and Agent Comments blank to rigger events for any content.


  • Softphone would not work

  • Poor sound quality

  • Delay in the conversation

  • Call disconnected

  • Customer could not hear me

  • Could not hear the customer

  • Missed call, the Softphone did not ring

  • Something else


  • Terrible

  • Difficult

  • Minor

Agent comments

Use this is you have instructed agents to 'Include an additional comment' specifically designed to create a ticket - or leave it blank.

To Email

This is the email address configured in your ServiceNow environment, to receive emails.

Email format and content

We have kept the email content to a minimum - see example below.

The Group ID maps to your Operata Group, you can see this in the Operata url when you are logged in to specific group.

The CallID can be used in Operata and AWS console as the reference to get to the details that may be more sensitive (IP address etc)

Formatted email

Plain text format

Agent Reported Issue
Agent ID: andy
Cause: Softphone would not work
Severity: Terrible
Message: Test
Scenario: Inbound
Call ID: 16a337e8-5fee-4f0b-9653-eb319e938a20
Group ID: a28453f9-c9d3-4c48-a7cd-84d9e67ac297
Timestamp (UTC): 2023-09-11T08:39:10.851Z

ServiceNow - Configuring Inbound Email Actions

Emails received from Operata ( Can be used to automatically create incidents within ServiceNow.

The process is slightly different between versions of ServiceNow, this ServiceNow document describes the process.

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