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How does Operata find the ISP
How does Operata find the ISP

Operata collects the WAN IP address and uses this to find the ISP and location, but how?

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The database Operata uses to convert the IP address to the ISP is IP Stack (

The data this provides is detailed below, but not all made visible by Operata:

  • type: [example "ipv4"]

  • continent_code: [example "OC"]

  • continent_name: [example "Oceania"]

  • country_code: [example "AU"]

  • country_name: [example "Australia"]

  • region_code: [example "VIC"]

  • region_name: [example "Victoria"]

  • city: [example "Kinglake West"]

  • zip: [example 3757]

  • isp: "Bcd Networks Pty Ltd"

Note: For some ISP's the location listed is the head office, which may not represent the true location.

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