MOS (Mean Opinion Score) is an industry-standard calculation that estimates voice quality for measured network performance.

The performance of the data network connecting Agents to Amazon Connect is important from both voice quality and softphone performance perspectives.

Operata captures the three parameters of network performance, for every second of every call:

  • Latency/Round Trip Time (RTT) - how many milliseconds do data packets take to get to and from the Agent

  • Packet loss - the percentage of packets lost

  • Jitter - now many milliseconds data arrived out of the order in which it was sent.

These three parameters are used to calculate a MOS score using the ITU-T G.107 standard, which indicates the likely voice quality.

As importantly it indicates where network performance could have an impact on the performance of softphone features and its connectivity.

MOS Score

Likely Customer and Agent impact


Very poor call quality, probably terminated early with agent softphone features and connectivity failing.


Poor call quality, difficulty in understanding the conversation with agent softphone features failing or slow to respond.


Average Call, some call quality issues audible to the customer and agent.


Good Call, Audio Quality should not have caused any concern.


Great Call, Perfect Audio.

Operata classifies call quality vs the MOS score, as below:

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