Operata API

The Operata Platform API provides access to all key data collected by Operata, in different levels of granularity.

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The data Operata collects and correlates can be accessed using the Operata API using a Simple API ‘GET’ request to https://api.operata.io/v1 using Basic Auth.

  • The username is the Group ID.

  • Password is the API token generated in the Settings/Config section of Operata.

All API requests can pull details for a specific time period by adding ?criteria={xxxxx}




Here's a link to the Operata Docs site with all the detail on how to access and use the API.

Various levels of detail can be extracted, here's some examples for an Amazon Connect service.

Contact Summary


  • High-Level detail found in the ‘GET THE DETAILS’ dashboard

Complete Contact Record


  • Contact Flow Summary (UTC) - set attributes, queue, etc

  • Softphone Summary - Agent, location, network, browser, custom attributes, network performance measures, etc

  • Contact Trace Summary - Connected, on hold, etc

  • Softphone Events - Incoming, connected - to end

Detailed Contact Stats


  • Per Second network and MOS performance data

CCP logs


  • CCP logs were collected.



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