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Amazon Connect - Simulate Campaign Approval
Amazon Connect - Simulate Campaign Approval

When and how to gain approval from AWS for a large Simulate Load Test

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The Amazon Connect Testing Policy details the approval process for load testing.
In simple terms running a Simulate Campaign that creates more than 300 concurrent calls and/or at a rate of more than 6 calls per second needs prior approval by AWS, with two weeks notice:

The purpose of the approvals process is so that:

  • AWS have awareness to ensure there are no unintended impacts to external endpoints, other customers, or AWS services.

  • AWS can validate that the ’Service Quotas’ have been uplifted to meet the load test intent, if they are not the AWS team will let the requestor know and the process to uplift.

To help with the approvals process we have created this form which asks for all the detail AWS needs for approval, submitting it then creates a templated email request to - you will be CC'd and your Email address will be set as the requester to receive approval.

AWS should respond with a ticket number, approval/rejection or any required amendments within 3 working days - simple!

Please contact Amazon to progress approval if its needed sooner or you hear nothing in three days.

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