Common causes of Operata not seeing data:

  • Browser type and version - supported versions here.
  • Running two Softphone Tabs in the same browser - test using a single softphone. 
  • Network blocking - URL and Port details here.
  • When using the Operata softphone URL not allowing integration - details here.
  • Operata Collector not installed properly - follow the steps below.

How to prove the Operata Javascript is installed and working properly?

Note: Ignore this if you are using the Operata Quick Start url


If data is not being seen in the Operata Platform then the best place to start is Inspect

Launch your Amazon Connect Softphone (Operata hosted, native CCP or your embedded softphone) and 'Right Click' on the page to launch a sub-menu.

At the bottom select Inspect
This will launch a new page along-side your softphone.

Console data

To prove the Operata Javascript Data Collector has been installed, select the Console option.

At the top of the list look for 'stats collection initialised' and 'Operata.js'.

If you don't see this then the Operata JS has not installed into the session running the softphone and you need to review the install (as per the details in Settings/Deployment).
If you have issues our Dev team are always happy to help, just contact support.

If you see these then great, now let's prove data is being sent by the client.

Network data

Select the Network option and make a phone call from the Softphone

What you should see is esbulk sending data to Operata every 10 seconds, status should be 200, now end the call of the softphone.
When the call ends there should be a final essummary event, this is the summary data for the call being sent to Operata.
If you see these then great, data is being sent by the client to Operata.

If you don't see these events then our Dev team are always happy to help, just contact support.

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