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Get Operata working
Amazon Connect - Get Operata agent data collection working.
Amazon Connect - Get Operata agent data collection working.

Data collection not working? This guide will help show you why...

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No Operata Agent Messenger widget appears?

There are three common reasons why you can't see the Operata Agent Messenger widget?

  • The Operata collector for Chrome or Edge is not installed, or not installed in the browser you agents are using.

  • The Generic Softphone URL is not configured in the Approved Origins list - contact Operata to add this.

  • Your network is blocking the GET request to from the Operata collector.

The Agent Messenger widget appears, but no (or not all) data is appearing in Operata?

The most common causes of Operata not seeing all/some data, or you can't report an agent issue, include:

  • Running two Softphone tabs in different browser types - test using a single softphone.

  • Network blocking - URL and port details here.

  • BasicAuth header is being stripped, before the data gets to Operata (impacts Agent Issue Reporting and Log Collection only).

How can I prove whats not working?

Here's a quick video on a simple process to see whats happening for a fully working agent messenger.

What the video shows if data is not being seen in the Operata Platform then the best place to start is to 'Inspect'.

Launch your Amazon Connect Softphone and right-click the mouse button while on the page to launch a sub-menu, then select 'Inspect'.

Console data

To prove the Operata Collector for Chrome has been installed, select the 'Console' option, filler on [operata] - then clear the table and then refresh your browser.

  • At the top of the list look for the ending 'JS loaded from the browser extension' and any errors before then.

  • If you don't see this then the Chrome extension has not been installed, probably as your Softphone URL is not configured in the Approved Origins list, contact Operata to have this added.

  • Towards the bottom you should see 'Stats collection started from browser extension'

  • If you see these then great, now lets ensure data is being sent by the client.

Network data

Select the Network option, clear the table and make a phone call from the Softphone.

Agent Reported Issues

Now let's check to see Agent Reported Issues are working, using Inspect.

Select the Network option and log an issue from the Operata Agent Messenger Widget.

  • Look for the event called Agent (This event is seen whenever an agent does anything).

  • Select to look at the Headers, what you should see is a post to Request URL: with a status code of 200 OK.

  • If you don't then it is possible that your network is blocking the event from reaching Operata.

If you don't see these events, our dev team is always happy to help. Get in touch with our friendly support team.

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