New Agent notifications

There are some new notifications to help guide your day.

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Your Operata Agent Messenger widget will give some new notifications...

Headset notification

Why does this matter?

Using a headset provides a better experience for both you and your customer

If you use internal microphone rather than a Headset, at the end of the call you will be prompted to plug-in your headset or switch to a headset in system settings.

The prompt may include a Switch Devices button giving you a dropdown to change your Microphone and Speaker device settings.

Call ended on Hold

Why does this matter?

Callers may give up if placed on extended hold, or you may end the call.

You may need to call them back?

If you or the caller or you end the call while it has been on extended hold (more than 30 seconds) then you will be prompted.

Call ended after a network issue

Why does this matter?

A network issue may have caused the call to end, you may need to call them back?

If you or the caller ends the call shortly after a network issue is detected then you will be prompted, with the option of logging the issue.

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