The Amazon Connect softphone (CCP) gives agents the option to have audio sent via either the softphone itself, or to an external phone number, this is called Desk phone mode.

In many organisations, agents are told not to use Desk phone mode as:

  • It breaches their security and compliance guidelines as agents can answer calls in any location.

  • It introduces new costs (the call made from Amazon to the the external phone number, is chargeable)

  • It often introduces call quality/latency issues (the call transits other carrier)

Understanding whether Agents are using softphone or Desk phone mode can be a challenge as Amazon Connect does not report on this natively.

The good news is that Operata now reports on calls using Desk phone mode..

We’ve added additional logic to understand and report on Agent calls that are handled through the Amazon CCP Desk phone setting.

Every call using Desk phone is now tagged with 'Deskphone Mode' within the current Operata metrics and can be filtered within Operata to support both issue resolution and Agent training.

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