Getting Operata up and running for Accelerate is quick and easy.

1 - Join the activation call.

On the call we will create and configure your Operata Group, will need three pieces of information from you to do this:

  1. The default Amazon Connect CCP URL (will look something like),

  2. The softphone URL used by agents (will look something like) or Salesforce URL.

  3. The Names and Email addresses for the first couple of users, these users will be able to create others as needed in the organization.

2 - Install Operata Collector for Chrome to a test agent.

The Operata Collector for Chrome extension is passive until it is registered with an Operata Group, just install it onto a test agent during the Activation call and we will ensure it's all working.

3 - Roll the Operata Collector for Chrome out to your agents.

The more agents that have Operata Collector to Chrome, the more agent data that is collected and the better the Accelerate outcome.

Agent user guides

Don't forget to send details to your Agents on how to use the Operata widget, to both Report Issues and act on Agent notifications - there is even a 45-second video guide you can download and send.

That's it! How easy is that? 😃

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