Operata collects data from both the Agent (Operata Collector for Chrome) and from within the Cloud Contact Centre (Orchestrator) - see details here.

The table below summarises the type of data collected by each Operata Collector.

Data collection

Operata Collector for Chrome

Cloud Collector (Orchestrator)

Unique call identifier

Agent Call Centre login ID

Data network performance and MOS

Agent's LAN IP address

Agent WAN IP address, location, and ISP

Network type


UDP Media IP address

Media endpoint FQDN, port, and IP address

Call duration

Call direction (Inbound/Outbound)

Call termination (Agent/Customer)

WebRTC Metrics

Audio Energy levels

Agent issue reporting

Agent issue notification

Agent status logging

Softphone errors

Softphone logs

Agent Computer type

Agent Computer memory and CPU usage

Browser type and version

Headset type and change

Simulate Assurance load testing

Heartbeat Assurance testing

✔ (also needs Orchestrator)

✔ (also needs Operata Collector for Chrome)

Jabra enhanced Audio monitoring

✔ (also needs Jabra software and compatible headset)

Contact Flow Logs


Contact Trace Records


*CFL data collection

Operata collects only the timestamp & ContactFlowModuleType fields from the Contact Flow Logs.

**Recommended Minimum Orchestrator CTR data collection

(All CTR data can be barred/allowed using Operata Privacy Controls)

  • "CustomerEndpoint": "Address":

  • "AnsweringMachineDetectionStatus"

  • "SystemEndpoint": "Address":

  • "TransferredToEndpoint":

  • "VoiceIdResult":

  • "Queue":"Duration":

  • Queue Name

  • "RoutingProfile":"Name":

  • "NumberOfHolds":

  • "CustomerHoldDuration":

  • "HierarchyGroup 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

  • "LongestHoldDuration":

  • "AgentInteractionDuration":

  • "AfterContactWorkDuration":

  • "Campaign": { "CampaignId":"Recording": { "Status" "DeletionReason": , "Type": "Location":

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