What is it?

Support for Amazon EventBridge enables customers to automatically push records on call completion to their AWS event bus.

It is then available for consumption immediately by a variety of low or no-code services including AWS apps S3LambdaQuickSightCloudWatch and more.

Is it available on my Operata plan?

AWS EventBridge support is part of Operata Data Exchange

available on Operata Enterprise plans.

How do I enable/disable this feature?

Operata Data Exchange for AWS EventBridge can be enabled by your Operata representative, just Send us a message with details of the AWS region you want the events to be sent to and the 12-digit AWS Account number.

How do I configure Operata to send events to EventBridge?

From the Operata console, select Workflow and CREATE WORKFLOW

Select Amazon Connect and then NEXT

Now select Contact Ended (when the contact ends the details will be sent AWS EventBridge) and NEXT.

Now select Amazon EventBridge and NEXT.

Now use the dropdown to select the Event Source Name and NEXT.

(Operata will have provided the Source Name details)

Finally give your Workflow a name and select NEXT.

What next?

  • The created event source with the URL matching from the Operata Console should appear in the AWS account under Partner Event Sources.

  • The newly created event source would be in pending state (status column). To make it active associate it with an event bus. This can be done by selecting the event source link and selecting Associate with event bus. Event bus names are usually the same as event source names

  • Create a rule to suit your use case.

What details are sent to EventBridge?

Here are details of the JSON payload delivered to the customer EventBridge bus after call completion.

If you have any questions or issues please get in touch.

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