What is it?

Operata Performance Testing provides the ability to generate one or thousands of actual calls to exercise your platform before your customers do.

A simple creation wizard quickly creates sophisticated campaigns capturing the desired peak concurrent call load, generated calls per second, answer call treatment and many other parameters.

See the results in real-time as the campaign runs and once complete view an exportable results table, that includes links to the test call recordings. Performance test calls can be answered by live agents, which then adds the wealth of Operata Monitoring data to the results.

Is it available on my Operata plan?

Performance Testing is available on Advanced and Enterprise plans.

How do I enable/disable this feature?

Advanced and Enterprise plans have this feature enabled, however there are some customer specific configurations that need to be made before use. Operata will confirm and make these changes as part of service enablement.

I need some assistance. Who can I speak to?

You can chat with our support team or email support@operata.com

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