What is it?

CX baseline takes both summary Performance Data from all our Customers and the ability to create regional Heartbeat tests, that are the key to both making the right engineering decisions and managing to achievable service targets.

  • Access the global standards of CCaaS performance to predict and set your service baselines.

  • Test global scenarios - what is expected performance if your customer is in Australia, CCaaS region is in Singapore and the Agent in Mumbai?

  • Make data driven architectural decisions for optimal CCaaS region and connectivity..

  • Compare global and regional Telco carriers and number providers into each CCaaS region.

  • Compare the impact of audio quality on native & third-party apps such as bots, media streaming & transcription..

Is it available on my Operata plan?

CX Baseline is available on the Operata Advanced and Enterprise plans, for customers who have Heartbeat enabled.

Where can I find more information?

Contact Operata for more details.

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