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Agent Messenger - Notifications

How Agent Messenger lets you know there are issues

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What is Agent Messenger?

Agent Messenger is a widget that will let you know if issues with your network, PC performance, or even headset sharing are detected, which could cause problems with voice quality or the operation of your softphone.

If an issue is detected the Agent Messenger widget will display a red pulsing icon, to find out why simply click on the widget, and the ALERTS section will open.

How are alerts shown to the agent?

Agents are notified discreetly of an issue that may be impacting their CX/AX by a pulsing icon in the minimised widget, agents can click the icon to see more detail on the that have been detected, with some tips on self-resolving.

What alerts can be shown?

Agent Messenger notifies agents with the four most common issues impacting their ability to service customers.

Poor Network Performance

Headset permissions blocking audio

High CPU

Example Discreet Notification:

The widget will explain what was detected, select View Details for information on how to resolve the issues, or even Report an issue.

To acknowledge the alert simply click the 'thumbs-up' icon. This will clear the alert immediately, and mark the alert as acknowledged in the history.

Select X (top right-hand corner of the widget) to minimise it

If you don't acknowledge the alert, it will clear when a new call is offered and it will be marked as 'Not Acknowledged' in the Operata admin console.

You can see all the alerts that have been triggered using the HISTORY tab

Setting the Agent Issue notification thresholds

The Settings/Configs section launches the Group configuration section, the Agent Alerts sub menu allows you to define which alerts and what level will agents be notified.

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