What is Agent Messenger?

Agent Messenger is a Chrome-based widget that is part of the Operata Chrome Extension. Agent Messenger is the interface between the Agent and Operata that provides three capabilities:

  1. Agent notifications - Agents are notified with information to self-resolve issues like poor network performance, headset permissions and poor PC performance.

  2. Agent reporting - The agent messenger facilitates call quality feedback and call/environment issue reporting to streamline feedback to IT teams.

  3. Heartbeat notifications - The agent is notified that a Heartbeat test is underway

How do I turn on/off agent messenger?

Agent Messenger can be toggled on/off in Settings > Configs > Softphone. See example screenshot below.

How does an agent move Agent Messenger around on their desktop?

When the widget is in a closed state the tab can be dragged up and down. In an open state, it can be centred left or right of the screen.

See an example for an Amazon Connect softphone below.

1. Agent notifications

What alerts are available?

Agent Messenger currently helps tackle the three most common issues analysed by Operata using over 30-million call minutes of data.

  1. Poor Network Performance

  2. Headset permissions blocking audio

  3. High CPU/Low Memory impacting call quality

How are alerts shown to the agent?

Agents are notified discreetly of an issue that may be impacting their CX/AX by a pulsing icon in the minimised widget. When suitable, an agent can click the icon to see the issue(s) that have been detected.

Example Discreet Notification:

Example Expanded View

How are alerts triggered?

Alerts are triggered when the Operata algorithm detects key metrics or events that may impact CX/AX over a specific time period.

For example, if a MOS score drops below 3.5 for more than 15 seconds, an alert can be triggered. These thresholds and time periods can be adjusted in the Operata administration console.

When are alerts triggered?

Alerts are triggered during an active contact (call). Alerts are not triggered during after call work or while idle.

When are alerts cleared?

Alerts remain on screen until a new contact is offered to the agent. This gives the agent a chance to review and resolve the issue during after call work and before the next call.

How does an agent acknowledge an alert?

Agent's can simply click the 'thumbs-up' icon. This will clear the alert immediately, and mark the alert as acknowledged in the history.

What happens if an agent does not acknowledge an alert?

The alert will clear when a new contact is offered to the agent and will be marked as 'Not Acknowledged' in the Operata admin console.

What historical alert information is available to the agent?

Agents can see all the alerts that have been triggered during their session. A session is defined as the time they are logged in to the softphone (CCP). Example below:

When are historical alerts cleared?

Historical alerts are cleared at the end of an Agent session. A session is defined as the time they are logged in to the softphone (CCP).

How do I configure the thresholds for alerts?

Thresholds can be configured in the Operata console in Settings > Configs > Softphone. See example screenshot below:

Can self-help content be curated or updated by an administrator?

Not yet. If you would like to see this feature included in a future release please get in touch with our product team.

2. Agent reporting

How does an agent report an issue?

An agent can report an issue in two ways:

1. When the alert is triggered by clicking the Flag symbol

2. At any time by clicking on 'Report' and following the prompts.

What are the fields that the agent can choose from when reporting an issue?


  • Softphone would not work

  • Poor sound quality

  • Delay in the conversation

  • Call disconnected

  • Customer could not hear me

  • Could not hear the customer

  • Missed call, the softphone did not ring

  • Something else

How bad was it?

  • Terrible

  • Difficult

  • Minor


Free text for an agent to include comment or notes.

What supporting data is sent to Operata along with the agent issue report?

  • Contact ID

  • CPU/Memory utilisation

  • The error presented to the agent

  • Notes/comments

  • Category

  • Timestamps

Where can an administrator see the reported issues?

All alerts and issues can see found in the Operata Console under 'Agent Status' in the dashboards.

3. Heartbeat

The Operata Heartbeat sends a simulated call to the Agent when they are free, automatically answers the call and runs a quick test.

The Agent Messenger changes to Blue throughout the testing cycle, which takes less than a minute.

Agent Guides

We have created a series of guides to use (or base on) for comms to the Agents on how to use and what to expect.

How agents can report issues?

What happens when agents are notified of issues?

What happens when agents participate in Heartbeat tests?

I need some assistance or have feedback. Who can I speak to?

You can chat with our support team or email support@operata.com

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