The AGENT STATUS dashboard captures whats happening at an Agent level, changes in agent state, softphone errors and even agent reported issues (where the Agents softphone customisation has this feature)

The Softphone errors and Agent reported issues timeline shows a chronological view of softphone errors and Agent reported issues.

The filters below it can be used to narrow down on specific events or issues, The table reflects the time period and filters with option to Download to CSV.

The three tables at the bottom show:

  • Agents with the most missedCallAgent events.

    • Which agent in the time period was unable to (or did not) answer customer calls the most.

  • Most common Softphone errors.

    • What are the most common softphone errors as a percentage of the overall number of softphone events.

  • Agents with most Softphone errors.

    • Which agents has the most softphone errors over the time period.

The buttons below link to the AWS detail on both CCP Agent States and Softphone (CCP) Errors

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