Filter to find and review results from the Operata Workflow module (if enabled)

Us the Search and Filters to find what you are looking for and use Actions to download to CSV

Note: The CSV download will be limited to the number of records displayed, use the records/page function at the bottom of the page to change to 10, 100 or 500 records.


Filter to find and review the second-by-second call details shown in GET THE DETAILS  dashboard, then export to CSV.

Find the call you need and select Details to see the second by second detail.

The view changes to show all the second-by-second details - scroll to the bottom to change the number of records shown and scroll through the pages)

Add or remove data using the Columns field and use the Actions dropdown to export to CSV.

The Agent Status shows whether the Agent was 'Talk' ing to had the caller 'On Hold' for that second, the reason this is captured is to ignore the MOS and RTT for the 'On Hold' seconds as there is a known RTT issue with the AWS Connect method of playing an on hold message/music to Agents.

Note: The CSV download will be limited to the number of records displayed, use the records/page function at the bottom of the page to change to 10, 100, or 500 records.


The level of CCP logs to be collected is set in Settings/Config.

There are seven logging levels, setting the level captures it and all the lower level logs below it. For example setting as LOG also captures WARN, ERROR, and CRITICAL logs.

TRACE – the most fine-grained information only used in rare cases where full visibility of what is happening in your application and inside the third-party libraries that you use is needed. You can expect the TRACE logging level to be very verbose.

DEBUG – less granular compared to the TRACE level. The DEBUG log level should be used for information that may be needed for diagnosing issues and troubleshooting or when running applications in the test environment for the purpose of making sure everything is running correctly

INFO – the standard log level indicating that something happened, the application entered a certain state, etc. The information logged using the INFO log level should be purely informative and not looking into them on a regular basis shouldn’t result in missing any important information.

LOG - AWS recommended default level of logging

WARN – the log level that indicates that something unexpected happened in the application, a problem, or a situation that might disturb one of the processes. But that doesn’t mean that the application failed. The WARN level should be used in situations that are unexpected, but the code can continue the work.

ERROR – the log level that should be used when the application hits an issue preventing one or more functionalities from properly functioning.

CRITICAL – the log level that tells that the application encountered an event or entered a state in which one of the crucial business functionality is no longer working.

The AGENT CCP LOGS page is where logs can be filtered by time period, agent, and level. Once filtered use DOWNLOAD LOGS to create a local JSON file to use or send to support/AWS.


This captures details of the actions taken by the Operata platform, currently, only the Heartbeat service makes changes to agent queues.


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