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Understanding the Results..
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Ok, your Campaign Run has been completed, what are the results?

The Graph tells you some of the story, comparing the expected result vs actual.
There are other results that give more of a picture.
The 'bread crumb' at the top of the page shows the Campaign and Campaign Run you are looking at..


  • Average Post Dial Delay - The average time the Operata platform took to make the call.

  • Average Time to Answer - The average time it took to answer the call.

  • Average Call Duration - The average call duration.

Call Statuses 

  • Successful - Calls answered and lasted for the full Duration.

  • Busy - Calls that received a Busy tone.

  • Canceled - Calls canceled by Stopping the campaign part way through.

  • No Answer - Calls not answered within the Expected Answer Time.

  • Failed - Calls that failed to be generated.

  • Premature - Calls that terminated before the Call Duration was reached.

  • Pending - Calls waiting to be dialled.

At the top of the graph, there are Links to CALL LOG and  RUN DETAILS


Selecting Call Log displays the call-by-call results.

Call Log timestamps each stage of every test call made, use the Column link to add or remove columns and the Actions button lets you download the results in CSV format.

The diagram below shows the stages of the call that the Call Log relates too.

  • Created, Queued, and Initiated are measures to confirm the accuracy of the Operata platform in generating calls, particularly important where Calls Per Second is critical to the test.

  • Ringing, Answered, and Completed report on the performance of the Connect Contact Flow answering the call.

  • Answer Treatment shows the digits entered for each call when answered

The Call Log also gives access to Recordings of the test call, select the Play icon on the Right Hand Side to hear the dual channel recording of each test call.

  • The Right Channel - The Audio played by Operata (TX)

  • The Left Channel - The Audio heard by Operata (RX)

Note: The CSV also has links to these call recordings


Selecting RUN DETAILS confirms the parameters of the Campaign providing the results.

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