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Selecting Simulate shows the list of existing Campaign's, their status and history.
In Operata a Campaign is the configuration for a specific tests, Campaigns can be Run as many times as needed.

Campaign Type

Selecting the CREATE CAMPAIGN button launches a wizard that gathers all the detail on what you need the Campaign to do..

The first step lets you choose the type of Campaign you want to create.
Only one type is currently enabled, Full Load.

With Full Load calls are made every second (Calls Per Second) with a defined Call Duration until the Total Calls Number is reached (if the Calls Per Second and Call Duration allow).
This Campaign type results in a gradual ramp-up and gradual ramp down.

Let's walk through the process, first select Full Load and then NEXT

Campaign Description

Now you are prompted to give your Campaign a name and some description, well worth spending some time here, its surprising how quickly the number of Campaigns build.
You can also add Tags, which are used to group lists of Campaigns.

Select NEXT

From and To numbers

Select the From field to see a drop down of the numbers you want calls to be made from.
This is useful if your Contact Flow has treatment based on the callers phone number.
Note: This does not always change the Country they come from only the number presented to your Contact Flow.
The From numbers are created by Operata, if you need more please contact us.

Now select the To number from the dropdown, this is the number the calls are made to.
The To numbers are whitelisted in the Settings\Configs section of Operata.

Note: Operata need to be contacted if the To numbers needed are international or toll-free type numbers

Select the number you want and then NEXT

Campaign Details

OK, now the business end of creating the Campaign with five fields to update:

  • Total Calls - The number of test calls the Campaign will make

  • Calls Per Second - How many calls to make each Second, 6 is the maximum (if you need more please contact us)

  • Call Duration - How long each test call should last, the Operata platform sets a minimum Call Duration to achieve the Total Calls required, with an allowance for  latency in the environment.

  • No Answer Timeout - How many seconds to wait for an answer before each test call gives up

Note: Campaigns with more than 300 calls or at more than 6 Call Per Second need AWS approval before being run - details here

Campaign Data

In this section you configure what happens when the call is answered.

Use the Answer Treatment widow to enter:

  • Nothing - if you simply want the call to be answered

  • Digits 0-9, * or # (star or hash)  - send tones (DTMF) to navigate an IVR

  • w to wait for 1/2 a second

  • w{x} - to wait for x seconds for example w{4} waits for 4 seconds

  • Cycle through Templated Values in an uploaded csv using {$Key}

Templated Value example

  • Create a table with the Columns DOB and Account number as the headings

  • Add DOB and Account number details in each column and save as a csv file

  • Drag or upload the csv in the Data section

  • In refer to the Column titles in the Answer Call Treatment prefixing the name with $ for example: w{3}{$DOB}w{3}{$Account}

  • This Answer Call Treatment will wait three seconds, enter the first DOB digits in the csv, wait three seconds, enter the first Account digits in the csv.

  • The Campaign will cycle through the csv details, moving to the top again if needed, until all the calls defined in the Campaign have been made

Note: use the Moustache brackets! 

Fill in the details and then SAVE

Congratulations - your new Campaign is at the top of the list and ready to Run!
(Or you can Copy or Delete it)

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