Before your friendly Operata representative can create your account, we will need your Amazon Connect CCP URL and a couple of other details.

Here is how to find the Connect CCP URL

  • Log on to AWS Console
  • Right click + Copy the Access URL. It will look something like this . Screenshot below.

NB. If you have multiple Instance's, Operata will set you up with one group per alias - so just provide the unique access URL for each. 

Other details we need

  • Organisation Name - What is the the organisation name the Operata Platform will refer to - for example 'Amazon'
  • Group Name - What is the name of the Contact Centre function - for example 'Retail Sales'.

The Operata Group name we created will use both - for example 'Amazon Retail Sales'

  • Initial Admin user details The full name and email addresses for the first Operata Administration users, these users will be able to create others as needed in the organisation.

Send these details to or direct to your friendly Operata representative

That's it! We will do the rest. How easy is that 😃 

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